5 DIYs using Washi Tape

If you love crafting as much as I do then you definitely have a bunch of washi tape shuffling around in your craft drawer. Washi tape is such a fun way to decorate planners, notebooks, or different papers. But washi tape can be used for so much more! There are endless amounts of cute patterns and colors available and you want to get the most out of your washi tape! Below are 5 easy DIYs using washi tape to spruce up your household items or create new ones. I get my washi tape at Paper Source (the Daily Like brand) Target and Staples (the Scotch brand), or Micheals! Most rolls cost anywhere from $2 to $5.

Option A

1. Decorating Keys


This simple DIY can add some color to a key you see on your key chain everyday or help differentiate which keys go to what! I chose this somewhat see-through flower pattern washi from Paper Source. I wanted the gold to show through a little and the washi tape on the top to not be so harsh compared to the uncovered parts.

I wrapped a strip around the wide part of the top and then lined up a new piece covering the rest. I folded the edges over the top and then used my scissors and the end of my charger to create the hole for the key ring. This is so simple but can add some color to your keys! Also, if you have many keys on one ring putting washi tape on your house key or garage key can make it much easier to know which one to grab.


2. Personalizing your Phone Charger


My phone charger is something I use everyday and am constantly looking at. Adding a pop of color or your favorite pattern to your charger can put a smile on your face every time you use it! This DIY was the easiest one to complete. I simply wrapped the ombre washi tape around the base of the wall charger leaving a small white strip at the bottom. Then I cut a smaller piece to tape onto the other side of the charger.


This looks adorable and is so easy to do! Another benefit is no one can steal your charger! I know in my house people’s chargers are constantly being taken and fought over. If you put washi tape on your charger no one can take it and think it belongs to them.

3. Washi Tape Paperclips


I saw this idea on Pinterest and loved it! Grab some paper clips, a pair of scissors, and some of your favorite washi tapes.

First, cut the end of the washi tape at a slight diagonal. Then, put the tape through the bottom of the paper clip with the longer opening, sticky side up.

Then, fold over the washi tape and stick it together. The look we are going for is more bunched up so don’t worry about creating a completely smooth fold. Lastly, snip off the top to match the slanted angle of the top piece.


Making these was so much fun and they can be used in many different books, notebooks, or planners! Links to the washi tape I used are here: pink washi, dark blue floral (not the same but found a similar one) ombre washi, and white and blue floral washi


4. Portable ChargerIMG_1766

I got a free portable charger at a Business Conference and decided to spruce it up with washi tape! I really wanted to use the charger, but didn’t like the plain silver exterior.

I put a piece of black electrical tape over the company name so the letters could not be seen through the tape. Choosing a pretty blue and orange floral tape I laid it down on the charger piece by piece. With each new piece I lined up the pattern so it appeared seamless.IMG_1767

After covering all four sides I taped the bottom and was all done! The portable charger looks so cute and is a great cheap alternative to a $15-$25 cute portable charger available in stores. You could buy a simple portable charger for $5 at Wal-Mart and cover it with washi tape to save some money!


5. Washi Tape Dispensers


Looking for a way to contain all your washi tape and making them easy to grab?! This is the perfect solution. Take an empty tape dispenser and remove the label from the inside and the empty tape roll. Then simply insert your washi tape role inside!


This makes it much easier to cut new pieces of tape as it is often hard to find where the tape starts on the roll. It also looks cute to have lots of tape dispensers lined up displaying your washi collection!


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