How to use every inch of your Dorm Room Closet!

If you have ever seen a dorm room you know the limited space they often have. Fitting your whole life into a tiny room can be similar to completing a jigsaw puzzle! After 2 years of living in a small dorm room I have mastered the art of utilizing every inch of the closet. I hope these tips help you in your dorm room or any small closet!

Closet Photo

1. Use your door

It is easy to forget about the doors when looking at your closet, but they can add a whole new section for storage to your space. This over-the-door shoe organizer gave me a place for most of my shoes without taking away space from the actual closet. The pockets were perfect for sandals, flats, and sneakers! I also loved being able to view all my shoes at once when choosing which ones to wear. IMG_2624

2. Create drawersIMG_2625

Items such as sweatshirts and athletic clothes take up less place when folded in a drawer. I bought a self-hanging closet organizer from Bed Bath and Beyond and it allowed me to utilize the length of my closet that hanging clothes couldn’t do. In the organizer I stored my bulky sweatshirts, flannels, athletic clothes, and pajamas. I used the bottom square to store my shower caddy. I bought an inexpensive shoe mat and cut it to fit the narrow space underneath my shower caddy to catch any dripping water.


3. Use the floor

To truly use every inch of your closet you have to use the space beneath your hanging clothes. This bottom section often goes unused, but in a tiny dorm room you need every storage space you can get! I utilized the depth of my closet and put my laundry basket in the bottom left. It fit perfectly beneath my hanging dresses and cardigans and it’s nice to have my dirty laundry not out in the open. I highly recommend this laundry basket because it keeps its shape, can fit lots of clothes, and is lined with polypropylene so wet clothes from the wash are not a problem! In addition, the cotton handles make it easy to carry the basket to and from the laundry room. It cost $20 at The Container Store! I also stored some of my booties and shoes that couldn’t fit in the hanging shoe organizer in the space between my laundry basket and hanging drawers.

4. Hang your accessories 

Closet space does not just have to be used for clothes and shoes! I store my purses in my closet using this circular foam belt hanger (similar one linked). I have used this for belts, scarves, and now bags! This hanger can be used in many ways and is a great space-saver. My purses are different lengths so when hung together they lay flat and don’t take up much space!


Once you are finished setting up your organizers and additions to your closet, fill it with your clothes, shoes, accessories, and then take a final look. Any space left, no matter how small, can be utilized. After filling my closet I realized there was a sliver of space left between the right side of my self-hanging organizer and the wall. This tall and thin space was perfect for my Swifter Sweeper! Facing the cleaning side against the wall prevented any dust or dirt to get on my clothes while allowing it to be stored next to them.

Looking at a tiny dorm room closet and the mounds of clothes, shoes, and accessories you brought to school can be daunting; but don’t be scared! It is very easy to use every inch of your closet, you just need to use the right organizers for you. I highly recommend the Container Store, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Target for affordable and useful organizers!

Some more of my favorite storage items:

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