Bachelorette Bingo for Viewing Party! w/ free printables

It’s everyone’s favorite time of year again…Bachelor Season!! The 13th season of The Bachelorette premieres this Monday! My friends and I are so excited and of course I am going over the top and having another premiere party. Check out my Bachelor Premiere Part post from January where I hosted a premiere party for Nick’s Season. The Bachelor/Bachelorette is one of those shows that is so much more enjoyable when you watch it with others. It’s exciting to meet each new contestant and chat about our favorites during the commercial breaks. Look at my previous blog post for some dessert and drink ideas to enjoy during the premiere!


I love making these bingo boards to play during the premiere episode. I use Piktochart to make them and created 8 different versions.I printed them out and taped them to manilla folders so they would be easier to hold and write on. Bachelorette Bingo keeps everyone engaged and gives guests something to do during the more boring parts. Some of my favorite bingo tiles are: Shirtless Man, Limo entrance using a prop, and Rachel makes a toast. If you would like to use these Bachelorette Bingo boards you can download my free printables here: Bingo 1Bingo 2Bingo 3Bingo 4Bingo 5Bingo 6Bingo 7Bingo 8IMG_2748

For my Bachelor Premiere Party in January I made a Bachelor Bracket. My friends and I placed all the contestants in the bracket and guessed the outcome of each week after watching first episode. This was fun, but was pretty difficult to predict who would be let go in the early weeks. Ultimately, we were most excited to guess who would make it to the end. So this time I decided to make a Who is in your Top 10? Bachelorette Bracket. After watching the premiere, my friends and I will predict who the top 10 contestants will be. I created a scoring key at the bottom stating you get 1 point for each correct guess for 4th-10th place, 3 points for each correct guess for 2nd-3rd place, and 8 points for the correct winner guess! At the end of the season you can add up how many points you got and have a fun prize for whoever got the most right! You can download this Top 10 Bracket for yourself here: Bachelorette Bracket


Once again I had to bring out the Chris Harrison mask! This cracks me up every time I see it! I found the mask image on Pinterest and printed the image out and taped it to a manilla folder. I then taped the back to a paint stick so it could be held up in front of someone’s face. This mask kept us laughing the whole time last premiere and is hilarious.



A cute way to spice up your premiere party would be to have a polaroid camera out! I got this Fujifilm Instax camera for my sister this Christmas and it is so much fun. I highly suggest buying the film in bulk on Amazon because it is much cheaper than places and you can save some cash! It’s a great way to document memories and take fun pictures. This is also another way to fill the long commercial breaks!


I am so excited to use these fun games on Monday at kick off the Bachelorette season! Last year I had Rachel as my winner pick so I’m looking forward to watching her “journey”! Remember to download my free printables for Bachelorette Bingo and the Bachelorette Top 10 Bracket for your own Bachelorette viewing parties!

Bingo 1Bingo 2Bingo 3Bingo 4Bingo 5Bingo 6Bingo 7Bingo 8

Bachelorette Bracket

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