Turn your Curling Iron into a Curling Wand

My favorite way to curl my hair is to use a curling wand. I think the curls look more natural and using a curling wand is quicker and easier for me. I used the Infiniti Pro by Conair 1 inch curling want for years. It’s a great price, only $16 at Target, and gets the job done. Last year I wanted to upgrade to a nicer curling iron with a little larger barrel and I bought this Hot Tools 1 1/4 in Marcel Iron. It’s a great curling iron but I did not find myself reaching for it because I prefered using a curling wand. I didn’t want this quality curling iron to go to waste, so I decided to turn it into a curling wand! Here’s how:


What you need:

  • curling iron
  • small screwdriver

Step 1.  Pull off the metal stand on top of the side screws. This was way easier than I thought. You barely have to use any force, once you pull it outwards it pops right off.

Step 2. Take your small screwdriver and unscrew the clamp off the curling iron. There is one screw on each side holding the clamp on the iron.

Step 3. Screw the stand back on to the curling iron. Pick up your screws and screw them into either side of the iron. Then take the stand and pop it back into place by stretching it over the screws.

Step 4. Curl your hair using your new curling wand!

Putting the iron back together is as easy as taking it apart. If you change your mind and want a curling iron again, or are doing a hairstyle that works best with a curling iron instead of a curling wand, you can simply slide the clamp back on. Unscrew the stand, slide the clamp over the rod, place the screws back into the holes, screw them in and add the stand.

This has been my go-to curling wand for over a year and I love the natural big curls it creates!



One of my favorite gifts I received for Christmas this year was a hot styling mat.  It’s so nice to be able to rest my hot curling iron or straightener on it as I do my hair without worrying about burning anything. I love being able to unplug my tools and leave it on the mat as I run out the door knowing it won’t melt anything while I’m gone.


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