How to Transform an Old Dresser

As a college student, my apartment is filled with mismatched furniture and hand-me-down pieces. I moved off-campus last year and was in need of a dresser for my room. Instead of buying a new one, my family and I looked at the old dressers we had lying around in our basement. My dad assured me that we could transform this old piece into a brand-new looking dresser for my cute room! The whole process was much easier than I thought and a lot of fun.


What you will need:

All of these supplies can be purchased at stores such as Home Depot or Lowes. If you need any help finding the correct supplies, explain your project to one of the helpful employees! Home Depot even has a DIY Project and Ideas section on their website.

Step 1. Sand, sand sand!

First remove the knobs and then sand the entire dresser. You can purchase sanding sheets at any hardware store. This takes some elbow grease but it is necessary to make the surface rough so paint will adhere better. I actually really liked the look of the light wood and contemplated finished there and not painting over the wood. This is one way to make this DIY even easier and save some more money! Sanding the dresser can give it a whole new look on its own.

After sanding be sure to vacuum up the dust with a shopvac. Wash with warm water and let dry before moving to the next step.


Step 2. Paint!

Put down a drop cloth to protect the surface around you from getting covered in paint. We tackled this project outside which helped with the mess and the strong paint smell. Pull out all the drawers and be sure to get each side of the drawer front covered. Don’t worry about the bottom because that will not be seen. Then, begin painting the dresser. Work in sections and let completely dry before applying a second coat. My sisters helped me paint which made this process go by much faster!


I chose to paint my dresser white to match my white bed frame, but I think a dresser would look super cute with a pop of color like yellow or even a subtle blush color.

Step 3. Screw in new knobs!

Be sure to wait until everything is dry before adding the knobs. As mentioned before this is an optional step, but I think it completes the transformation and is a fun way to express your style! Depending on your style you can keep it simple and round or colorful and fun shaped. I got these simple girly flower knobs from Home Depot (similar one linked here). Anthropology has the cutest knobs for around $8 each.



The dresser is unrecognizable and looks so cute in my room! It also makes me smile because it was a fun DIY to complete. I love it!


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