Month in Europe: Packed clothes in only 1 carry-on

I recently got back from an amazing month-long trip in Europe! One way to greatly lower the cost of the long trip was to not check bags on every flight. I managed to pack everything I needed for the whole month in 1 carry-on and 1 personal item backpack.

The hardest thing about deciding which clothes to bring was finding items that could mix and match, transition to night, and be comfortable walking around cities.

All the clothing I packed:

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8 tops: 3 crop tops, 3 t-shirts, 2 bodysuits

The crop tops were perfect to pair with high waisted pants or skirts. I loved how comfortable they were and the basic colors allowed them to match everything. (Yellow- Marshalls, White- Free People, Black- Fashion Nova)

I did not wear the t-shirts as much as I thought I would. The flower t-shirt was good for the few cooler days and I always wore the white t-shirt on the airplanes. Surprisingly, I never wore the purple scrunch shirt! (Flower- American Eagle, Purple- TJMaxx, White- Forever21?)

These bodysuits were one of my favorite things to wear on the trip. They are so soft making them very comfortable for the long days exploring cities. I loved them because they could be worn casually or dressed up for the night! (Black and pink- Marshalls Brand?)

Future tip- didn’t wear t-shirts as often


7 bottoms: 1 shirt, 2 shorts, 2 jeans, 2 pants

Although it was summer, it was never really hot enough to wear shorts during the day. The black shorts were perfect for beach days though! (Skirt- Levi, Light- American Eagle, Black- Primark)

I limited myself to bring 2 pairs of jeans. The blue jeans are my favorite and most comfortable pair, perfect for pairing with bodysuits or t-shirts. The two flowy pants were the best things I brought on the trip! They were so comfortable and perfect for hot and cold days. (Both jeans- American Eagle, Striped- TJMaxx, Black- Primark)

Future tip-  didn’t wear jean skirt or light shorts, black jeans not needed


4 dresses: 2 mid-length, 2 short

I was so happy with the dresses I brought on this trip. They all paired well with a jean jacket and were casual enough to wear with sneakers. I loved wearing dresses on hot days. (Yellow and patterned red- Altar’d State, Red- Primark, Black- American Eagle?)


Future tip- mid-length dresses are easiest for day and night


2 jumpsuits: 1 pants, 1 romper

I wish I brought more jumpsuits! This pink jumpsuit was so comfortable and looked super cute. Both of these could be worn casually during the day or dressed up for going out at night. They were light and not constricting for hotter days. (Pink and blue- TJMaxx)


Future tip- bring more jumpsuits


3 jackets: 1 raincoat, 1 sweater, 1 jean jacket

Limiting the amount of jackets I brought was pretty hard! This is one of the most import areas to reduce because of the bulkiness of jackets. Bringing a more windbreaker raincoat was great for rainy, cold, or windy days. The dark sweater is my go-to cardigan. I brought an oversized jean jacket to keep me a little extra warm. The large inside pockets had lots of room for holding snacks or a water bottle. On the few colder nights, I could wear the jean jacket over the sweater while out. (Raincoat- North Face, Sweater- Brandy Melville, Jean Jacket- Primark)


Future tip- thin sweatshirt might be nice to have


1 pair of sneakers, 1 pair of slip-on platforms, 1 pair of flip flops

This was another difficult thing to pack a few of. I really picked comfort of style for shoes because I knew I was going to be doing a lot of walking in Europe. I always wore the athletic sneakers on travel days and on planes. The slip-on sneakers were perfect for a trip like this. I could wear them with jeans or my dresses. I wore these almost every single day! I brought a pair of nice flip flops for beach days or extra hot days with less walking. I was worried about not bringing any “going out” shoes, but I never felt under dressed.

Future tip- slip-on sneaks were a must-have

All the pieces I brought could be mixed and matched to create different looks for a whole month. It was very important to have comfortable clothing for the amount of walking we did each day. Having this limited wardrobe for a month has inspired me to have more of a minimalist style!

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