Homemade Pumpkin Bread Recipie

During a snow storm I love baking up a yummy bread or batch of cookies. It has been snowing all day so I knew I wanted to make my family's delicious homemade pumpkin bread. It is one of my all time favorite things to bake and eat! My family's classic pumpkin bread is always a hit … Continue reading Homemade Pumpkin Bread Recipie


I'm creating this blog to somewhat document my life during my 20's. I am bad with keeping up with journals, but I want to have something to look back on. Also, I have a passion for technology and DIY activities. I believe that a blog will be a perfect way to write down what I am doing at this point in my life and get to play around with photo editing and creating a website. I am planning on doing travel, DIY, food, and lifestyle posts, but I will just have to see where this blog takes me! 🙂